Divine Collection 8 fl. oz. Breast Form Wash


  • EUR: € 16.02

  • Keeps you feeling fresh
  • Minimise perspiration behind breast forms or under makeup
  • Fragrance-free
  • 4 fl. oz. / 120 ml


Say “goodbye” to slick breast forms sliding around in your bra! Our Divine Collection Stay Dry is a sweat barrier spray designed to help keep your skin dry when wearing breast forms. Our clear, fragrance-free formula helps to minimise perspiration behind breast forms and underneath adhesive to help keep your forms in place, no matter how long you’re wearing them for.

Stay Dry is ideal for helping you go braless with any breast form. Since the formula becomes gently tacky when dry, this helps create additional hold with your adhesive. You can even wear Stay Dry beneath wigs or under makeup to help slow sweat from building up. It’s the perfect all-in-one product to keep you feeling fresh!


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If you have quality breast forms like Aphrodite or Nearly Me silicone breasts it is vitally important oyu look after and care for your forms properly. That way they will last longer and be  more ocmfortable ot wear braless.


. Simply remove any adhesive on the breast form and rinse the breast forms in lukewarm water. Then, lather a small amount of Divine Collection Breast Form Wash to gently cleanse and refresh. Rinse the breast forms and allow to air dry.

Cleaning is an important step for preserving your breast forms or adhesive nipples. Regular cleaning (before and after every use) helps to ensure the longevity of your breast forms.