Amolux Attachable Nipples

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Amolux Nipples  are realistic self-attaching silicone nipples designed specifically for the Amolux range but can be used on all breast forms.

Available in 3 areola size and four different skin tone colours



Amolux Attachable Nipples  are specially designed to compliment the Amolux range silicone breast forms.  These nipples have realistic shape and natural-looking bumps & grooves also usable on  other silicone or even non silicone breast forms.   Each pair of Amolux Nipples comes complete with a FREE bottle of Amolux Care Cleansing Lotion, designed to extend the life of your nipples.

3 sizes available

Medium (39 mm) , Large(49 mm), Extra Large(59 mm)

5 skin tone Colours Available







Sue’s Tip

It is best to peel these off the backing slowly and pay special attention to making sure they are flat on the breast form.

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Nipple Colour

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