Affordable Silicone fake Breasts one pair Medium size


  • EUR: € 51.30

Affordable Silicone fake Breasts MEDIUM  size, life like feel and bounce

Each  weighs  660 each pair.  The pair weighs over 1330 grams per pair


Affordable Silicone fake Breasts one pair  Medium size . These are ideal for the cross dresser on a budget. The slightly concave back will quite naturally contour your own chest for a perfect fit. These breastforms will fit any bra – special mastectomy bra’s are not necessary for a good fit.

Teardrop shaped with realistic coloured nipple (see photo)

Each weighs 600 grams, the pair comes to over 1330 grams.

Ideal to wear with a Transform see through pocket Bra, just pop the breasts into the bra and it will look just like the real thing. CLICK HERE


Be careful if wearing bra less we recommend you ear a bra with these forms

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