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Softleaves Triangular Silicone Forms

Softleaves Triangular Silicone Forms


Full Silicone Triangular breast forms each unit weighs 655 grams
Triangular shape to match the curves of the chest cage giving perfect fit and comfort; therefore providing the feel and look of having large breasts.
Symmetrical shape, therefore, both breasts can be u
sed on either the left or right side
Bounce and feel similar to normal breast due to the ultra-soft silicone gel which is encased in a micro-thin polyurethane layer, providing a similar homogenous structure to natural breast.
Designed to be used with almost any bra.
Easy placement, durable, water proof and warm up to the body temperature.
The breasts come in a simple discrete plain packaging, 1 SIZE 40B/C SIZE

Price: 125.00 65.00

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